Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Lust in the movies

This morning I was first in line with my popcorn and Diet Coke for the midday showing of Sex And The City the movie. Nearly two and a half hours later it was all over and I was left feeling overwhelmed and yet a tiny bit disappointed as I wiped a tear from the corner of my eye. I cry at almost anything in movies by the way, but this film got me more than once, when I visited the ladies at the end I wished I'd bought my sunnies to hide my bleary eyes, rather embarrassed to be caught weeping at what was, really, an extended advertisement for designer labels, coffee shop chains and Vogue magazine. But, oh what a beautiful advertisement! At the beginning I was eyes agog at Carrie's loved up life with Big- the most amazing Penthouse appartment, the most gorgeous shoes, the BIGGEST WALK IN WARDROBE EVER. It was all painfully perfect. But of course it doesn't last. Not to give anything away that the trailer doesn't.
The materialistic elements of the film are true fashion and lifestyle porn for us girls and guys who love to shop, play dress up and drink champagne (or Cava depending on the state of our overdrafts) and you can easily lose yourself for an hour or two in a blur of Westwood, Vuitton and Chanel. However, I was disappointed in Carrie's style, she's lost nearly all of the eclectic fun in her fashion sense. It was all grown up labels nearly all the way. I left the cinema with little inspiration. Nothing new or exciting. Just stuff you can buy if you're loaded.
The film is darker than the series, which is probably a good thing in order to maintain the drama over the length of a feature film, but it seemed to me that the girls don't seem to have much fun anymore. The dialogue was as snappy as usual but it didn't make me laugh much. I was too busy drooling over apartments and shoes and crying over... well, go see the film.
I, for one, plan on opening a bottle of Cava tonight.
And the plans for my version of Carries walk in wardrobe (the original, from her East Side apartment, not the uber movie version) are coming on nicely. It mostly consists of a distinctly unglamorous sounding clothes storage system from Ikea, which should be arriving sometime at the beginning of June.


Grace's said...

I will go to cinema today. I'm so excited to see it!^^

Miss White said...

I haven't seen it yet so I just skimmed your post, I'm sure you didn't give too much away though!

I'll be back to comment as soon as I've seen it too!

coco said...

I was teary eyed many times through this film
But I cry at the end of Free Willy and Fly Away Home - animal movies just have that effect on me
SATC was better on TV, but I do think the film was good!