Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I remember sleep. I was madly in love with my bed. I could stay there under the duvet for hours of the sweetest, deepest sleep. It was divine. Blonde magazine
But tonight I must prop open my eyelids as I'm off to the theatre. I only hope my seat is uncomfortable enough to keep me awake.

Monday, 29 March 2010

How many coughs and sneezes can a girl catch one after another? Life is all early nights and soggy hankies. I swear I never used to get ill, ever. I feel worn out and faded like an old Polaroid photograph. Even right now, as I type, and the baby sleeps, I could quite easily rest my fuggy head on the keyboard and drift off. That would be nice but foolhardy as this hour whilst the baby sleeps is so precious. Girls with no babies revel in your freedom! Read that book, go watch that film, get drunk, put on your dancing shoes and dance and dance. And then sleep. I used to. In my old life. Ahhh. Now I'm happy enough to catch colds and kiss my baby. But I do so envy your freedom. But at least I sometimes get a tiny minute to draw or paint. Here's Sally after telling the time with a dandelion. (It's six o'clock.) Tonight I'll watch The Delicious Miss Dahl on TV and drool over Sophie's yummy concoctions as well as nosing at her kitchen. Is there anything that girl can't do? Her cooking's divine, I loved her book Playing With The Grownups and she's also the real Sophie from The BFG. Lucky Girl.
And now my sweetheart is awake and so I must go and get our coats on and take Lola for a walk before it gets too cold. They say the snow may be on its way back.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Betty with a bow in Breton stripes.
It's been so sunny here, sunny but brrr freezing, which I quite like. Cold noses, clear skies, the smell of spring. And the evenings drawing out, soon we will have lots more time for walking, going to the beach, beer gardens and all other summertime evening pursuits. To think that just a couple months ago the sky was starry at this time of of day and right now as I look out of the window I can see blue sky and white clouds floating by. Hello spring, I shall not be giving up my coat and hat just yet though.