Monday, 30 November 2009

Yesterday we went to the Lauren Child exhibition at Cardiff museum. It was interesting to see how she works, building the gorgeous tiny sets for The Princess and the Pea and how she uses collage to achieve her unique style. Of course, it was really an exhibition for kids and there were lots of them all having a whale of a time. Her stuff is such fun, I love it and want all her books. Every single one.

I had my own little girl seven months ago and I haven't posted any photos of her yet on this blog. I feel a bit weird about it, I suppose because she's too little to have a say in it at all yet. She is such a sweetie though, very smiley and, well, she's just gorgeous. It does make it very hard to get anything done though! I've been trying to sort out my etsy site and get some new work done too (I've got lots of ideas) but it's nigh on impossible with a baby who wants to be held ALL THE TIME. I read all these blogs by supermums who have four kids and still manage to be novelists, artists and cupcake entrepreneurs and I can hardly find the time to wash my hair and find clean underwear. She is so worth it though.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Summer Of Love print now on etsy. Summer feels like a long, long time ago now. The rain! So much of it. But I do love the rain. As long as my feet are dry. Why am I talking about rain when I'm posting about the Summer Of Love print?
It's such a beautiful print, the colours are lovely and it looks ace framed up. It would bring cheer to any room. Hope you like it too. Don't know why this type is so big, it won't let me change it. Grrrrr!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The latest Very Fine Female, Wendy. Think she may be my favorite so far. For today at least.
I eed to introduce the text behind but can't find my copy of Peter Pan and Wendy. None of the libraries for miles around have the real thing, just adapted picture books, and only two of them out of about 14 libraries even have those. So sad!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I think deer must rank amongst my favorite animals of all. They are so shy and so majestic. For me they are quite magical. Their silhouettes are wonderful. They are inspiring me a lot right now.

in the quiet, originally uploaded by slight clutter.
Some dear deer etsy finds. Click on the images for their etsy page.
I could spend a fortune, honestly. But right now I'm too tired, so off to bed I must go.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Yesterday David returned from a day's work in Bristol with a gift. It was this adorable coin purse from the shop Bloomsbury (which is an absolute treasure trove of goodies, it has mail order, check it out) and it was for lucky me. In fact I'm so lucky that whenever he goes away he more often than not comes home with some little treat. Like this Rob Ryan tile from a London trip which I LOVE. I'm spoilt.