Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The temperature's dropped outside, I've got a cold and with Christmas creeping in through all the nooks and crannies it's definitely the time of year for getting cosy indoors. So I thought I'd post about all my favorite delicious cosy indulgences. Starting with (almost) every girl's favorite, fairy lights...I have a terrible weakness for fairy lights that I need to keep in check. Other wise my home would single handedly drain the National Grid. I'm sure lots of people see them as tacky girlie nonsense but they are so lovely, so magical and so cheap. Probably they remind me of being a little girl, an excited little girl, thrilled at Christmas, at all the wonder and all the beauty and surprise. What's not to love?
Switch on the fairy lights and instantly create a wonderland of twinkling loveliness.
And in other non- fairy light related news there are two new prints up on etsy. I'll post photos tomorrow. Right, on with the lights, it's getting dark...

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