Friday, 27 November 2009

Summer Of Love print now on etsy. Summer feels like a long, long time ago now. The rain! So much of it. But I do love the rain. As long as my feet are dry. Why am I talking about rain when I'm posting about the Summer Of Love print?
It's such a beautiful print, the colours are lovely and it looks ace framed up. It would bring cheer to any room. Hope you like it too. Don't know why this type is so big, it won't let me change it. Grrrrr!

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caitlin shearer said...

charlie and lola is my most favourite childrens show! its nice to find another grown up who adores them. i used to babysit some kids in the afternoon and would go gaga when it came on tv. they didnt understand, and they were the ones it was made for.