Monday, 14 April 2008

Oh la la!

I've been watching way too many films that are set in Paris. In fact, 'Don't rent anymore films about Paris' were the last words my guy uttered as he left for work this morning.

, oh, it's my all time favourite. I don't care if it's sappy and 'feel good', it can only be miserable sods who don't want to feel good when it comes to Amelie. I love the story, I love the colours, the green and red theme- you'd think it'd look ugly but it doesn't! It looks divine!
Before Sunrise and Before Sunset- again, such beautiful films. If you haven't seen them then do. Both star Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy who meet in the first film and fall in love during a sublime day spent in Paris. The film finishes with them promising to meet again in six months. There's not much plot, just walking and talking but it's fab. Watch it. Watch both.

We've also just watched Paris J'Taime, a film made up of 18 short films by 18 directors. It was watchable, but not mind-blowing. Cute poster though.
And lastly Two Days in Paris. An enjoyable enough way to spend an evening as long as you have wine or chocolate, or wine and chocolate.

My favourite things to do in Paris
Eat macaroons.
Sit on Pont Neuf in the sun and eat cheese and baguette and drink wine.
Sit outside cafes in sunglasses and people watch.
Browse the thrift shops and spend some euros.


Jimena said...

Oh... J'adore Before Sunset...

It's one of my favorite movies, ever. It feels like an honest view of human nature and relationships... Also, I love how there are no time elypsis (is that how you spell it?) during the entire 1.30 hours that the movie lasts.

Miss White said...

Brilliant, I'm planning to go to Paris soon so these are going straight on my must watch list.

Eleh said...

oh yes!! amelie is still my favourite french movie! audrey plays the character well.

vogued out!!! said...

Love Amelie and i really enjoyed many paris based movies too. these are common phases well except parisian fashion is current obsession is french rap music.

Thursday said...

My favourite thing to do in Paris is sitting outside the Cafe de Flore drinking wine and eating chocolate cake.

Miss White said...

I've tagged you for the 6 quirks meme! If you'd like to do it the details are on my blog.

sophiejade said...

i am also tagging you for a meme if you are interested :)

Fenke said...

oh, well, i fell in love with paris rightaway, so i will use your tipps to get into the paris mood again.