Friday, 15 February 2008


The fashion gods were being very sweet the day I picked u
p my Miu Miu trousers from TK Maxx last week. I adore a bargain and I've been on a roll lately. But these were in clearance can you believe and I got them for next to nothing. Major thrill! But seeing as they're about two foot too long I have to wait for a lady who happens to have a throat infection to get well enough to take them up for me.
Over in Milan Fashion Week D&G are making me w
ish it was Autumn/Winter 2008/9 before we've even had our fun in Spring/Summer 2008.

Loving the tartan tights clashing with the dress prints, loving the seventies vibe, loving the frills and the flares. A little Ali McGraw, Love Story don't you think?

And I can't wait to
be a hippy-rock-chick-military type like the Gucci girls. Plus Gucci gave us the best boots I've seen in, oooo, days...
Because I adore Desperately Seeking Susan and I always wanted a pair of those shit hot boots she trades in her jacket for. (Was never sure about the jacket though.)

Love, Anna X

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