Friday, 22 January 2010

I'm learning to be mindful. It's a skill that takes practice but I can see the benefits straight away. It's kind of hard for me to explain at the moment but it's a way of bringing yourself into the present and of freeing yourself from the way that your thoughts can influence the way that you feel.I used to be a little scornful of this kind of thing but now I'm an absolute convert. It works! It's good stuff.
And right now I'm drinking ginger wine which is also surprisingly good stuff. Very warming. Tomorrow I hope to get some work done, D is here to look after the baby for a couple of precious hours. So, so looking forward to it.


Toosdai said...

recognizing feelings and letting go of the negative and potentially harmful ones has been very hard for me, but i am working on it too. i do know that these feelings are real, but it is only me that forcing myself to dwell on them. so like in meditation, i acknowledge the feeling and let it pass.

good luck and strength with your endeavors.

Marthe said...

thank you for your sweet comment!

Also, I wrote an article about how to live in the moment that you might like if you haven't seen it already. :)

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes, I like your blog!!!

agneta, sweden

Marthe said...

Hi again! Just thought I'd let you know that I tried the KORRES shower gel that we talked about today, and I absolutely love it!

The scent was great and luxurious while I was showering, but I couldn't smell it on my skin afterwards, which I like, since I don't want to mix it with my perfume!

I am definitely trying out some other stuff when I get to London! :)