Thursday, 27 March 2008

Neon Neon

Gruff Rhys of the genuinely super Super Furry Animals and music producer Boom Bip have come together to form electro pop collaboration Neon Neon. Their debut album Stainless Style hit the shops on Monday. This album is all about the life of 80's motorcar mogul and general cad John DeLorean who's probably best known (to me anyhow) as the guy who designed the car in Back To The Future.

The first single I Lust U is a sexy little number and I've been beeping along to it's synth-y sounds all week. Check it out here. Gruff's vocals are always lovely and they work as well here amongst all the electro-tweeking as they have anywhere. Very much recommended by me.

Love Anna X

I won something!!!

Guess who won the Stereohype competition for a series of badge designs? ME that's who! And I'm over the moon chuffed.

Love Anna X

Monday, 10 March 2008

The rain just keeps on coming down and my feet keep getting wet and I just can't wait till Spring. I love winter and getting all cosified, putting my pyjamas on at 6pm, lighting candles and drinking hot chocolate with a good book BUT NOW I WANT SOME SUN! My sunny clothes are calling out to me Anna, Hellooooo, put me on, you'll feel soooo much better but not with pneumonia I won't.
But what's to stop me planning, eh?

Things to do this summer.
1- Glastonbury. Had a ball last year. Even though it rained and was muddy and my thighs took a battering (you try walking through 6 types of knee-high mud constantly for three days). And I'm (extremely) lucky enough to get guest passes. Highlig
hts for me were The Klaxons, CSS, The Killers, Bat For Lashes and Amy Winehouse.
Lovefoxx from CSS at Glastonbury 2007

2- Make my garden beautiful with lanterns and candles and comfy places to drink wine at night. This one is doubtful to happen as my garden is currently maybe the ugliest garden in town and it's main usage is as a place for my puppy to do a poo.

3- Make art.

4- Swim in the sea. Which is something I haven't done for a long, long time. And you just can't beat it really.

5- Take lots of Polairoid photos. Did you know they're going to STOP MAKING POLAIROID FILM!? That sucks.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Ahoy there

My cute Primark dress with a Topshop necklace. How refreshing are blue and white stripes? And vertical stripes are much kinder than horizontal, unless, of course, they're distorted by wayward lumps and bumps... How long till Summer now? Got to get on that cross trainer fast.
And here's my pup Lola who is HARD WORK. But lovely lovely lovely. So worth it.

Love Anna X

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Sunday, 2 March 2008

After swearing off too-cheap-to-be-true clothes because of the whole someone's working for a pittance in some hell-hole to make this piece of tat thing I went to Cardiff's Primark on Saturday and suddenly came over all strange. How can you not walk through there and not get a dry mouth and sweaty palms as the realisation hits you that you can be on trend for so many of Spring/Summer 08's looks by only spending about £12.99? Damn that place... I did control myself somewhat through and emerged with only two of the 300 pieces that I tried on. I think it's hard to keep a clear conscience when it comes to fashion and I end up feeling guilty about so many things (mainly spending what little money I've got when I've got a mindless shopping induced head rush on) but clothes and fashion and dressing up make me happy and so I'll have to try harder to reconcile the shopper and the ethical consumer parts of me. That's what's so nice about second hand, what with recycling and all. So watch out British Heart Foundation, I'm a-coming...

Love Anna