Monday, 30 November 2009

Yesterday we went to the Lauren Child exhibition at Cardiff museum. It was interesting to see how she works, building the gorgeous tiny sets for The Princess and the Pea and how she uses collage to achieve her unique style. Of course, it was really an exhibition for kids and there were lots of them all having a whale of a time. Her stuff is such fun, I love it and want all her books. Every single one.

I had my own little girl seven months ago and I haven't posted any photos of her yet on this blog. I feel a bit weird about it, I suppose because she's too little to have a say in it at all yet. She is such a sweetie though, very smiley and, well, she's just gorgeous. It does make it very hard to get anything done though! I've been trying to sort out my etsy site and get some new work done too (I've got lots of ideas) but it's nigh on impossible with a baby who wants to be held ALL THE TIME. I read all these blogs by supermums who have four kids and still manage to be novelists, artists and cupcake entrepreneurs and I can hardly find the time to wash my hair and find clean underwear. She is so worth it though.


Miss White said...

Congratulations on the birth of your little girl! It's nice to see your getting back to blogging now and then!

I gave up on fashion blogging, I just have a more work (design) related blog now, it's so hard to find the time for it!

All the best!

Miss White said...

Hey again! Lovely to hear from you too :) I suppose you could say we have a design business but it's more a freelance partnership at the moment, we'll see how it goes! Lets hope we both manage to find some time for blogging - I think you're doing better than me at the moment! Susie xx